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The Corfu Sun Apartments are located in the Benitses resort, just a few minutes walk to the Benitses center and a few minutes from the local tavernas and shops as well.  Corfu Sun Apartments is a small family operated business that promises its customers a clean environment, quality service, friendly 24hrs communication, filed with amenities for an unforgettably relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. The Corfu Sun apartments offer picturesque views of the surrounding areas just from being built in the most admirable locations of the village Benitses. Such locations are the new village (the PoolSide ), the old village and literally on the beach (the SeaSide). Each of these accommodations’ have provisions able to satisfy any guests standards.

The village Benitses is located only 12 km from the centre of the emerald island of Corfu. Benitses over the last 25 years has become famous for it's mild climate and its natural look, the graphic streets and alleys, it's crystal clear sea, the freshest fish in the island and the warm friendly residents. Benitses offers a variety of night life suitable not only for the young and young-at-heart, but also for families. The food choice is varied - from fish taverns to charcoal-grill taverns that are famous all around Greece for the food quality, the fresh fish and the friendly relaxed surroundings to traditional Greek coffee bars (kafeneion), bars serving meze (ouzerie) and many restaurants serving a selection of international and Greek cuisine. Thus the night time is full of life. In the daytime the village reverts to its former role as the meeting place for the local fishermen. They also set up stalls on the side of the road from which they sell their fresh daily catch. Benitses are literally planted in the green with excellent mountain and sea views; it is placed almost in the centre of the  island making it ideal place to stay for those that intend to explore the island. It is located right on the water
and hardly 1km from Achilles Palace (Achilleon), 6 km from the Mouse Island (Pontikonisi) and Kanoni, while in the village you will find the Shell Museum and the Roman Baths. We are certain that Benitses will become a part of you, forever, as it has been for many others in the past.

John Fort, British Vice Consul [1963] once wrote about Corfu: Flaming sunsets, exotic scenery, magical colours, romantic moonlight, luxurious vegetation, (lush green even in the height of summer) a riot of radiant flowers and colourful blooms, centuries old silver olive groves, glowing oranges, scented lemons, rich pergolas, sleepy lagoons, forgotten coves, bubbling springs, exciting caves, virgin beaches, golden sands, and pellucid turquoise emerald seas there is surely no other island in the whole universe to which these superlatives collectively apply.

Now, you too can experience the magic of Corfu and successfully meet the tranquillity and relaxation
you would expect right in Benitses resort, at any of our Corfu Sun prosperities!


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Την περίοδο του ΠΑΣΧΑ η Κέρκυρα προσφέρει ένα μοναδικό συνδυασμό του θρησκευτικού εορτασμού και των απολαυστικών διακοπών με αποτέλεσμα να υπάρχει αυξημένη ζήτηση για το νησί που ζωντανεύει κυριολεκτικά από τον μεγάλο αριθμός επισκεπτών που δέχεται την περίοδο αυτή.

Για περεταίρω πληροφορίες σχετικά με τις προσφορές μας την περίοδο του Πάσχα και το πρόγραμμα εορταστικών εκδηλώσεων στην πόλη της Κέρκυρας καθώς και στις Μπενίτσες μπορείτε να επιλέξετε από τις παρακάτω ενότητες..

Προσφορές ΠΑΣΧΑ Πάσχα στην Κέρκυρα Πάσχα στις Μπενίτσες
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