Flights To Corfu

For uk flights UK visitors wishing to fly to Corfu there are many charter airlines serving the island from various regional airports during the summer months. Airlines include ThomsonFly, Monarch, Jet2, Thomas Cook, First Choice, and so on.

However there is a summer scheduled service from easyJet. easy jet flights to Corfu for uk  customers


easyJet provides services from 28th March until 02nd November and flies from London (Gatwick), Manchester and Bristol.
At the beginning of the season there are 5 flights/week  from Gatwick at 05:55hrs (not Wednesday nor Friday),
2 flights/week from Bristol (17:55hrs Monday & 17:25hrs Friday) &
2 flights/week from Manchester (17:20hrs Monday & 17:20hrs Friday)

For the easyJet website clik hereeasy jet flights to Corfu for uk  customers